Davide Angeli

Davide Angeli (Castel San Pietro Terme, 1982) began his professional career in 2004 after meeting with the master architect Michele De Lucchi.
With him, Davide Angeli develops projects in the field of corporate identity, product design, but also regarding architecture and exhibitions, according to the multidisciplinary approach typical of De Lucchi Studio.

In parallel to the activity in De Lucchi Studio he cooperates with other relevant realities of Italian communication landscape including Oliviero Toscani Studio and Trivium Quadrivium.
Angeli deals with exhibition design for the Neues Museum in Berlin, the Stables Quirinale in Rome, La Triennale di Milano, La Venaria Reale, the Fondazione Cini in Venice etc.
Since 2008 he is professor at the European Institute of Design in Milan.

Source: Paolo Castelli

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