Nodus' parent company, Il Picolo, is one of the major Italian players in the design and refurbishment of interiors.

Il Piccolo was born as a family business with tapestry at the core. The craftsmanship has always been of the highest quality with extreme attention to detail; this continued care has gone hand in hand with the company's growth. A company with its origins firmly rooted within the traditions of local craftsmen from Brianza, but never afraid to explore new ideas and passions. Their home and main showroom is in the heart of Brera, always in contact with the changing world of design, fashion and art.

Never afraid to surprise or even shock by keeping the focus on innovation rather than imitation and by collaborating with talented and often avant-garde artists who have developed their own creative vocabulary the Nodus collection is unique, instantly recognizable and highly prestigious.

Each rug is custom-made to order, handwoven, knot by knot by some of the best ethical producers in the world (guaranteed by GoodWeave International, formerly known as Rugmark), handpicked based on materials used, techniques mastered and above all the expertise of their craftsmen.

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