The 1962 born Italian Vittorio Locatelli initially studied arts and promoted afterwards at the Milan polytechnic in architecture. Then he taught there for a few more years. According to his studies, Locatelli moves at the borders of architecture and design.
Since the beginning of the nineties, Vittorio Locatelli works together with companies such as Driade, for their assortment he designed, partly in cooperation with William Bertocco, mirrors, candle holders and carpets. Moreover Locatelli designed some exposition stands for Driade, shops in different parts of the world, catalogues and some furnishing decorations for the Milan furniture fair.
Besides his product designs, Vittorio Locatelli also works in architecture. For example he made a shop/gallery in Hong Kong, a bar/restaurant in Seoul and a flat on the Avenue Montaigne in Paris.

Vittorio Locatelli is a creative and versatile artist, capable of combining easily work related to architecture and design with a real workshop activity: decoration and illustration, graphic design and painting are the common thread that ties plates and mirrors, hand painted with passion and patience.

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