Design MVW

Design MVW is an award-winning design services studio, born of 2 mixed culture designers and architects (Virginie Moriette & Xu Ming), totally involved in the actual reflection inspired by modern lifestyle. Their design constantly challenges the conventional use of space and function. Inspired by natural forms, timeless elements, and even contemporary art, each design embodies the blending of Eastern and Western traditions.

Chinese born designer Xu Ming is graduated from Penninghen School (ESAG) in Paris, France. He worked for Didier Gomez and Paul Andreu/ADPi before returning to China in 2004.
French born architect Virginie Moriette is graduated from the National Superior School of Architecture of ‘Paris La Villette’ (E.A.P.L.V.). After her graduate diploma she worked for Paul Andreu/ADPi on several prestigious large-scale projects such as the terminal of Dubai Airport and Qatar Emiri Pavilion. Virginie came to China in 2004 to work on Pudong Airport.

Together they established their studio, Design MVW, in 2006. Their respective background and culture is what influences them and makes them unique. For the duo the language of elegance transcends different cultures and connects contemporary Western and Chinese aesthetics and way of life.
Since its founding, the multidisciplinary studio specialized in architecture, art, interior and furniture designs for exclusive projects now in Asia and Europe, has won numerous awards and has been extensively covered in local and international media.
Their work has been exhibited in Amsterdam, Beijing, Chicago, London, Milan and Shanghai.

The pair’s designs follow Giorgetti’s values with a unique and timeless balance of function and aesthetics using serene and elegant proportions as well as subtle details.

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