Skultuna is a Swedish company founded in 1607 at the bequest of King Karl IX. When the king wanted to implement his long held plans for a Swedish brass industry, the choice fell on the town of Skultuna, where the Svartån brook provided sufficient water power. Charcoal was available here as well and the copper mine at Falun was also close by. Today, over four centuries later, the company still resides in the very same place in Skultuna.

The first master braziers were called in from brass foundries in Germany and the Netherlands. They brought the technique to make large brass objects like chandeliers.

In the 15th and 16th century, the design work was part of the craftsmanship. At the end of 17th century, processes and work methods were standardized. This was the foundation for  what we call industrial design today.

Nowadays, Skultuna works with renowned designers like Richard Hutten, Folkform, Luca Nichetto and Claesson Koivisto Rune. The production in the factory in Skultuna continues in an unbroken line since 1607 and every year about five hundred chandeliers are built, a couple of thousand candlesticks are mounted and polished and thousands of cuff links are shipped around the world.

For over 400 years Skultuna has produced brass and sterling silver objects of the highest quality for both everyday use and for special occasions. Always with that same sense of quality, function and design, Skultuna today creates tomorrow’s antiques.

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