Kaki Kroener

Kaki Kroener is an autodidact, an independent spirit who lays claim to a many-sided personality.
She began working in fashion in the 70s, for Dior, but soon abandoned her career as a haute couture model to work as a stylist for Fiorucci, who invited her to join their Milan studio. Milan was a hotbed for all the creative movements of the day, and she stayed there for several years, training, meeting people, and opening up to other forms of artistic expression. It was there that she moved from fashion to design.
With her gift of unlimited imagination, Kaki Kroener blends with rare talent and assured taste, places, periods, forms, materials and objects. Over the years, she has designed a furniture collection combining different materials: lacquer, glass and hammered metal, favouring the form of the curve in a spirit that is luxurious, feminine and poetic.
For Pouenat, she updated classic chandeliers and encouraged Henri Pouenat to re-produce pieces from the 1970s.

Source: www.via.fr

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