Aldo Londi

Aldo Londi was born in Montelupo of Florence in 1911, and almost immediately became immersed in the world of pottery. At the age of 11 he took his first job with a ceramics manufacturer, where he immersed himself in the craft. This immersion even continued while he was incarcerated as a prisoner of war in Johannesburg South Africa from 1935 through 1943.

After the war, Londi continued his work and eventually was made Art Director of the famous Bitossi family ceramics studio in Montelupo. It was for Bitossi that he designed his most sought-after line of pottery, Rimini Blu, was named after the major road junction that connects central and northern Italy as well as the striking glaze combination used for the line, combining layers of blue and turquoise. This line was distributed widely in the United States by Raymor, who was one of the most influential importers and distributers of modern decorative arts during the middle of the twentieth century.

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