Isabelle Stanislas

Isabelle Stanislas received her diploma in architecture from the school of fine art in Paris, 1999.During her studies, and up until 2002, she assembled a creative team composing of photographers, landscapers, graphic designers and architects.

In 2003, Isabelle Stanislas launched her agency So-an, which means ‘design and composition’ in Japanese, this agency develops store concepts for the likes of Zadig & Voltaire and temporary events for Hermes and Cartier, as well as apartments and houses in Paris and abroad.

In 2013, she began to create lamps: lighting being the defining feature in her architecture. Nina Yashar, from the gallery Nilufar in Milan, released her work.

Isabelle Stanislas offers an interior to be experienced to the decorative arts, within which she develops her artistic beliefs on structure. Elements from the past play an important role: she brings these back to life with specific attention to the light and the use of contemporary materials. She uses historical elements in a restricted palette of natural colours.

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