Linde Burkhardt

Linde Burkhardt, artistic studies in Zurich, Berlin and Hamburg, lives and works between Germany, France and Italy. She is at once an artist, designer and critic of architecture. For her, painting integrated with installations, carpets, ceramics, glass and steel are all fields of research closely related to each other.

"The focal points of my work could be added to the field of the arts. At first, painting and drawing have been extended by creating environments that aimed on the articulation and "rhythmization" of space. Later on I was fascinated by the possibility of creating designs for the serial production of rugs and carpets. I was also asked to design ceramic objects and by experimenting with steel it turned out that there was a vivid interest in bringing together such different materials in one single project. All fields of activity are directly interwoven and have an impact on each other. On one hand, my work on ceramic products refers to the creation of unique pieces and to the design of objects, on the other hand it aims to apply ceramic techniques towards the realization of installations or environments which could be added to the field of the arts."

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