Carlo Giorgetti

Carlo Giorgetti is the president of the Italian designer furniture brand Giorgetti S.p.A.

The Giorgetti Company is an exclusive manufacturer of finely crafted furniture in the finest of Italian tradition. Founded in 1898 in the little northern Italian town of Meda, this family business is in many ways typical of its genre, with much emphasis placed on the workmanship, design, quality and tradition that has brought forth a well-respected name, and that typifies furniture houses in this segment of the market.

Such descriptions create a picture of painstakingly made classical antiques and decorative pieces by a company whose spirit seems to belong to another era, but while Giorgetti qualifies on all traditional scores for bespoke quality, design, craftsmanship and the tradition that comes with a longstanding name in top quality furniture, this is a company very much at the forefront of design and technology.

A look at Giorgetti’s broad range of products confirms this more strongly than any description could, for this is most definitely a stylish designer collection of our times. Modern quality and style ooze off the lush sofas, tables, chairs, desks and cabinets that form the backbone of the company’s product range, solid in their dimensions and strength yet sensual and light in their design.

Giorgetti may have its origins in the late 19th century, as a small family-owned artisan laboratory of cabinetmakers, but it has always been a leader in technical and aesthetic innovation. "It’s true," says Company President Carlo Giorgetti, "we have always been pioneers in the field of design and production of furniture. This has always been a place where the best designers are gathered to experiment with different materials and shapes to produce pieces that take the functional requirements of furniture to a level where they can be reinterpreted as visual works of art."

In this search for innovation and the expression of pure design through furniture, everyday items such as chairs, beds, tables and cupboards take on a special role as expressions of taste, interior architecture and lifestyle. As early as the 1920s, the name Giorgetti was synonymous with advanced design married with quality, earning the company an enviable reputation not only in Italy and other parts of Europe, but also in the important American market. "Staying ahead of the mainstream in terms of design and technology has always been our characteristic strength," says Sr. Giorgetti, "but never at the expense of quality, which remains our single most important criterion."

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