Bruno Rainaldi

Bruno Rainaldi (1952 - 2011) learned his job by doing it. He had in-depth knowledge of the market and design products (from furnishings to complements to objects), and associated his initial ability as a dealer, with great sensitivity to the figurative arts in general, making him an attentive observer capable of making original associations, and an exceptional photographic art director.

He began his career as sales agent together with Maddalena De Padova and then became partner of Enrico Baleri in "Baleri & Associates", an agency for commercial marketing strategies and communication of contemporaneous design.

Bruno Rainaldi designs bookshelves, tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, beds, accessories and lighting. A universe of intense and iconic objects without consistency in style, rather the real sense of industrial design: to produce the right object for the right use. What holds them together is the essentiality of the design, the freedom of use, the compositional versatility.

He is an empirical and sincere designer, who combines essential image with a compositional sensibility and versatility connected with observation of ways of living, where art is always a factor of reference. A designer open to disciplinary contaminations and experimentation, a designer who in his eclectic and free production became a part of the dense, multilinear humanistic tradition of Italian design.

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