Sika Design

Sika Design, international leader for the production of handmade woven furniture, was founded in 1942 in Rynkeby, Denmark, by Ankjær Andreasen. The Nordic minimalistic and Danish way of living are part of the corporation’s design philosophy.
The company started its production line with the design of baskets, bags and other interior items. The production was expanded in the 50s; Sika started to produce wicker furniture. In the early 1960s, the first tables made of teak were sold.

Sika drew upon Danish design history: the collection ORIGINALS is made of early Sika models from the 1950’s. In the 2010s, Sika launched most of its actual collections: in 2012 Sika-Design launched the Icons-collection designed in the 1950s by groundbreaking Danish architects: Arne Jacobsen, Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel, Viggo Boesen and R.Wengler.

Today, Sika products are sold throughout the whole world.

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