Fredrikson Stallard

Fredrikson Stallard is a furniture design studio founded by a duo of Nordic designers: the first Swedish, Patrik Fredrikson and the second British, Ian Stallard.

From their love for modernism and their anti-naturalistic vein they have pulled their own style out: an amalgam of pop culture and intelligentsia.

As we penetrate ever deeper into the digital age, we are leaving behind modernism's driving imperative. The new age is a more fluid, more transient one, and it is in need of typologies that reflect these new parameters. Form and Function have long ceased to be valid guidelines for designers working in a world overflowing with objects that do everything for us and yet are completely devoid of meaning; it is against this backdrop that Fredrikson Stallard's work should be viewed.

Theirs is a vocabulary that speaks to us simultaneously from many levels and seamlessly blends archaic traditions with the avant-garde. Their pieces are fairy tales for grown-ups: they combine simple surface narratives of great graphical clarity with underlying themes of opulent and sensual darkness.

These are sophisticated tools for ambivalent times, almost mythical in their character; they evoke feelings of fragility and surprise, decay and desire, and in doing so they challenge cultural preconceptions and notions of how we live and about the plethora of objects we surround ourselves with. Fredrikson Stallard's exceptional sensibility is so finely tuned that it allows itself to respond with primal urgency to the impulses they perceive and amplify them into objects, from industrial production to unique bespoke pieces. The results are so self evident that they speak to us on a subliminal level.

Fredrikson Stallard's products, furniture and interiors balance on the ridge between the traditions of the past and the dreams of the future, with a healthy disregard for the conventions of both. The juxtaposition and fusion of elements from both sides give us glimpses of another, barely tangible reality: a reality where all things are deeper, darker and altogether more fantastic.

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