Claudio Colucci

Born in 1965 in Locarno to an Austrian mother and an Italian father, Claudio Colucci has made diversity, mixing and movement characteristics of his work. "Travel, the interaction of movement has made me a partner of the in-between, an author of transition from one thing to another, from one world to another", he acknowledged between flights.
As soon as he qualified in Graphic Design from the School of Decorative Arts in Geneva, he went straight to Paris where he studied Industrial Design at ENSCI-Les Ateliers, he then completed his training with an exchange to Kingston Polytechnic. Several trips and meetings later, it was his love for Tokyo and his first collaboration with IDÉE that was decisive. From then on he hasn’t ceased to have links in Switzerland, France and Japan.

A minimal, dynamic and colourful style is at the root of his work, the outcome of his initial training in graphic design where he tended towards a polymorphous and global design. It is a real style that vibrates with interacting influences.

His creations, in furniture, interior design and scenography, both simple and playful shed a light on new life styles. His purpose is to surprise, unsettle and open new modes of perception and apprehension of our surroundings. Today as a designer, scenographer, interior architect Claudio is an excellent all-rounder.


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