Maurizio Galante

Maurizio Galante was born in 1963 in Latina, Italy and after studying architecture and fashion design at the start of the 1990s, he began to establish himself in the field of haute couture and quickly became one of the world's most respected haute couture fashion designers.

In 2003 he teamed up with trend forecast analyst and designer Tal Lancman, to form INTERWARE.

INTERWARE is a society for "transversal design": a crossover of design, art, architecture and life that ignores common delimitations. "Is it possible to draw a connecting line between the standard and the popular, the duplicated and the unique? Can the elemental exist alongside the refined? The common alongside the rare?", the two artists ask.

Their crossover vision transverses the different design disciplines from fashion to furniture, interiors, lights, food, architecture and gardening, revisiting domains equipped with new understandings, insights and observations. The process results in a multi-faceted concept with a subtle balance between the pragmatic and the irrational, proposing series of objects/companions; expressive, amusing, and thought-provoking designs.

"INTERWARE is about a new generation of design. As a rule, the term 'couture' is used in connection with the past. My work is a fusion of past, present and future. The memory of the past is there in the handicraft, the poetry and the familiar elements, while the future is presented very practically and realistically by means of technology and innovation. But it is not based on a 'total look'. They are just the things I love - the things that have a place in my world." -Maurizio Galante

Galante follows all steps of design and production, from trend research, to all aspects of marketing, including definition of brand image, strategy, communication, packaging, and presentation.

Maurizio Galante participates in numerous exhibitions, and his creations are presented in the permanent collections of many of the world’s most renowned museums. He currently lives and works in Paris.

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