Astep creates and curates meaningful design objects

Honouring the vivid tradition and evolution of Italian design, Astep not only creates new designs but also brings back to life timeless works that were born from a forward-thinking attitude and maintain the capacity to affect and enlighten our lives today.

A family affair

Founder Alessandro Sarfatti explains: "Like all good Italian tales, mine is also a family affair and started a long time ago.
In 1939, my grandfather Gino Sarfatti founded Arteluce, a company that for the first time introduced design to the lighting business. In 1978, my father Riccardo went a step further. When creating Luceplan with my mother Sandra Severy and architect Paolo Rizzatto, he linked design with technology and envisaged a new business model that became synonymous with the 'Made in Italy' quality and innovation: working with specialized, talented and handpicked industrial craftsmen. Both Arteluce and Luceplan created one icon after another, luminaires of enduring beauty and embedding the meaning of evolution.
At Astep, we present a careful selection of works from the great minds of the past in combination with new inventions from the great minds of the present. A collection of objects, fluid in time, that carry on the heritage and story of my family."

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