As a furniture design and manufacturing company HAYMANN has chosen :
Coherence by deciding that its first collection would be designed by a unique designer,
To only bring to life those drawings that focus on essential, are bold and simple and we know will exist for long,
To shape noble material that will last and manufacture in Europe in order to preserve our know-how.
An eponymous brand because its identity will be that of its furniture and objects and because HAYMANN aims to be the link between creation and its public.
HAYMANN is also for its founder the choice of a new personnal and professionnal project leaded by the obvious thought that there is room for brand new furniture design companies because creation never stops.
It’s also the will to give life to drawings and share his findings.
Though risky, his ambition is enlightened by the seek of simplicity and the will to surprise.
David Haymann trusted Toni Grilo to design this first collection convinced by his bold and sharp approach of his discipline. The designer, facing a unique creation opportunity, rapidly accepted the proposal.
Cross looking at contemporary creation, they will now jointly hold the artistic direction of future collections.

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