Charles Zana

For twenty years from Paris to London, via Gstaad, Tel Aviv and Monaco, Charles Zana has shared his taste and expertise in the most beautiful residential and public interiors around the world. He now divides his time between house, shop and scenographical projects, his Parisian workshop where he works with his team and the interior designer Richard Massol and his art and design collection.

In two decades the architect, a graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Paris, has found his voice, forging his style and axes of influence, on the lookout for discerning clients demanding a unique vision. This vision is above all that of a lover of art, passionate about design, who speaks like an extract from key teachings. Charles Zana demonstrates an inexhaustible eloquence when asked to talk about a gallerist’s latest exhibition or the great masters of Italian design, from Andrea Branzi to Ettore Sottsass, not forgetting Enzo Mari. This passion is his trademark. But to reduce him to a specialist in Italian design would be a faux pas to be avoided. For each project he has a dual approach. First, that of a rigorous architect well versed in construction work, seeking comfort, fluid circulations, details, harmony, symmetry and discrete technology, but also capable of a nod to assimilating, when necessary, the history of places, of appropriating and of revisiting, of magnifying or of "twisting". A cultured aesthete, he showcases the works of his clients, collectors whose eye he supports, like a curator of an exhibition. Referencing sculpture, abstraction, drawing and installation art, for each project he writes a new story, giving it greater conceptual value.

Beyond the profession of architect or designer, Charles Zana offers "curated stories" interiors, artistic and full meaning, but also warm and responsive to the lives of the occupants. No bluff.  He wants to herald a new tradition, one where classicism is revisited and combined with emotion, not the bard of interiors’ braggarts. This cannot be achieved without surrounding himself with talent. A conductor, for each new project he brings together and leads a symphony composed of high-calibre artisans, experienced lighting designers, the best landscapers, according to the demands of the project. This group is part of the project at all stages, from conception to completion, finding solutions for each problem, proposing innovations, always at the service of creation. The result is a flawless execution combining luxury and intelligence where the architect disappears to better let his creation speak. Decoration signed by not monogrammed, where the style is clearly hard fought, and wherein each day the client’s eye can be drawn to a new focus, a terrain cultural and aesthetic.


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