Kate Hume

Kate Hume’s eponymous interior design company is based in Amsterdam and attracts a roster of international clients in search of the simple and luxurious tempered with eclectic detailing and use of colour. With a passion for combining the rare and unusual, sourcing art and antiques, and custom designing many pieces, each home is specifically tailored to the life-style and desires of her client.

Hume studied fashion design in her native England, before moving to the United States in the 1980's, to work as a consultant and stylist. On her return to Europe in 1998 she and her husband, Frans van der Heijden launched Birdman Furniture, a streamlined, contemporary range of home furnishings, referencing classic Dutch forms of the last century. Long passionate about glass and its possibilities of shape and surface texture, Hume soon launched the Kate Hume Glass collection.

Hume's work has been exhibited at galleries and stores in New York, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Kuwait and Moscow.

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