Rodolfo Dordoni

Born in 1954, Rodolfo Dordoni is a member of the Milanese tradition that generated designers such as Castiglioni, Zanuso, Magistretti and de Lucchi, graduated in architecture at the Politecnico of Milan in 1979. Since then, he has designed for most of the leading names in the furniture and lighting sectors.

For some of these, as head of design, he sets and co-ordinates the strategy of the product and is responsible for the art direction. Since years, he worked as a designer and a consultant for high level brands, for product design with Artemide and Moroso, and for shops, showrooms and exhibitions with Panasonic and Dolce & Gabbana.

Dordoni is able to reread and reinterpret tradition, to design decoration without decorating, convinced that today design is too far removed from people's hands and imaginations, too entrenched in a future world, too cold and shiny to look at the men and women here below.

In 2005 Rodolfo Dordoni founded, with Alessandro Acerbi and Luca Zaniboni, the Dordoni Architects Studio, which focuses its activity on both architectural planning and interior design, all around the world, designing houses and residential buildings, industrial and commercial areas such as offices, stores and showrooms, restaurants, hotels, as well as many exhibit stands for diverse companies in different fields.

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