Donghia has consistently reflected the dynamic and innovative approach to design that its founder, Angelo Donghia, was renowned for. As one of the most sought after and influential interior designers of the past century, it was Mr. Donghia's natural inclination for business and an entrepreneurial spirit that truly set him apart from his contemporaries and drove the creation of several successful product lines, which live on today through Donghia.

Donghia’s design philosophy, a less is more approach, extended to all his projects. Inspired by Jean-Michel Frank, Angelo noted in a 1977 New York magazine piece, "I feel that I’ve developed my own style that is as classic and minimal as the thirties style it reflects." Furthermore, he understood what people like and enjoy living with and had an uncanny ability to turn that knowledge into comfortable, elegant designs.

Since his passing in 1985, Donghia was owned and operated as a private company. In 2005, the company was purchased by the Rubelli Group, an established family business and leading designer and manufacturer of textiles from Venice, Italy - allowing the Donghia brand to continue to grow both in the United States and internationally.

Pieces within the collection complement and enhance each other and can seamlessly fit into any decor - traditional, contemporary or an eclectic mix. With a forty year history at the forefront of the luxury home furnishings industry, Donghia represents American refined luxury interiors at its best.

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