Tu-Be Lüster

Ingo Maurer - 2007
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Tu-Be Lüster is an unusual suspension lamp designed by Ingo Maurer and Ron Arad. 

Arad likes to play with forms, functions and materials in a process of intensive development and redevelopment that can only end when a truly innovative idea finds its perfect form.

Ron Arad and Ingo Maurer found their inspiration in the fascination of banal things, ordinary objects you see and use every day. They transformed an everyday object - in this case paint tubes - and took it out of its context, thus evoking illusions and exploring possibilities. 

Tu-Be Lüster is composed of 93 aluminium paint tubes.  Four of them have an opening at the bottom for halogen lamps and four of them are cut in bias at the bottom for LEDs.  The result is a unique blend of light: strong and direct downward light from the halogens and fairy-like light created by the reflections on the metallic tubes from the LEDs.

The eight tubes containing light sources are hung on eight electric cables. Above them is a wire mesh where you can hang the 85 remaining tubes.  You are thus invited to participate in the creative process of the designer.  Let your imagination run wild and decide how many tubes you want to use, if you want to fold them or not and where you want to hang them.  The result is a unique work of art, which you helped to create.

Ingo Maurer was born in 1932 on the island of Reichenau in Lake Constance, Germany. Ingo Maurer trained as a typographer and subsequently studied graphic design in Switzerland and in Munich. In 1960 he moved to the USA, where he worked as a designer for various clients including IBM. In 1966, having returned to Germany three years previously, he set up his own company, Design M, in Munich, to make and market his own lighting designs, the first of which was the celebrated "Bulb", a Pop Art lamp within a lamp. In the 1960s and 1970s Maurer made a name for himself with unusual designs and appearances at trade fairs. "Bulb" won a place in the MoMA design collection as early as 1969. Since the early 1980s, Maurer works with a team of younger designers and developers.

In 1989 the Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain in Jouy-en-Josas staged the exhibition Ingo Maurer: Lumière Hasard Réflexion, which gave the designer his first opportunity to create lighting installations of a non-commercial nature. In the same year he also had a retrospective in the city then known as Leningrad. Since then, his designs - whether on commissions or mass-produced lamps from his ordinary collection - have been shown all over the world in many exhibitions.

Since the mid-1990s Maurer has increasingly been exploiting the unique aesthetic effects of LEDs and technical components such as printed circuit boards.
In 2010 Ingo Maurer received the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany and in 2011 he wins the Compasso d’Oro for his entire career.

Ingo Maurer was born on the island of Reichenau in the Lake of Constance, Germany. After an apprenticeship as a typesetter, Maurer studied graphic design in Munich then moved to the U.S. as a freelance graphic designer. In 1963, he moved back to Germany and opened his own studio named Design M where he developed and manufactured lighting concepts and systems. In 1973, Design M became and still is Ingo Maurer Lighting GmbH.

From his first design, simply titled "Bulb", which can now be seen in the permanent collection at MoMA in New York, Ingo Maurer has always been synonymous with originality, creativity and a combination of quirkiness and romanticism. While aesthetics do play a huge role in the creative process, the company has also consistently managed to stay one step ahead of the industry by quickly embracing and integrating new technologies to their creations.

Besides the design of lamps for serial production, Maurer creates and plans lighting installations for public or private spaces. In 2006, he created lighting objects and installations for the interior of the Atomium in Brussels.

Maurer’s designs reflect the past and have a story to tell. Some designs are strictly minimalist and others have anecdotal embellishment. This "poet of light" has been ranked amongst the most important product designers internationally for many years.

Suspension lamp

93 aluminium tubes, steel tool for rolling up the tubes


Width 140cm, height 100cm
This product invites you to participate in the completion of its design. Let your imagination run wild and you'll obtain a unique piece reflecting your own creativity.
4 x max 40W G9 (halogen) + 4 x 1,2W (LED blue/white)
Bulbs included
Note: this product is FRAGILE, please make adequate arrangements for the reception, or use our professional "white glove" delivery service
Note: this product requires an electrical connection by a licensed electrician

Made in Germany


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