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Félix Agostini - 1960
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Its four shoes rooted into the ground of a table or console, this horse inspired by Persian history, crowned with a crest and adorned with a removable saddle, forms an elegant bronze sculpture in alternating patina or gilded finishes, depending on your preference. 

Félix Agostini, Paris, 1910 - 1980

Born in Paris, this fiery artist was still a worthy heir to Corsica, the Isle of Beauty. He was always guided by love: a love of lines, women, beauty, birds, and music. This harmony shone through the slender designs he presented during his lifetime in his Paris boutique on the Rue de Penthièvre, as well as in the Cusin de Mougins gallery one month each summer.

In his thirties, following a career as an advertising artist (with imprimerie Draeger), after the war the self-taught designer launched a business called "Douce Lumière", producing his first sculptures made of wood, wrought iron, and ceramic. From 1950 to his death, he turned out sconces, floor lamps, lampshades, consoles, and coffee tables characteristic of his unique style and the stylized abstraction of his surrealist lines. Bronze was used to create many characters and animals inspired by mythology in clean, subtle pieces mirroring the artist’s dreams, rages, and passions. He worked seamlessly from sketch to initial model, dexterously fashioning a world of stars and birds without hesitation or alteration.

Félix Agostini was often embarrassed by being late to meetings, but his works were ahead of their time. Just like Halley’s Comet, which appeared the year he was born, Agostini wanted his brilliance to precede him. Flying into the wind of preconceived notions, his art formed a radiant orbit, and the law of attraction transformed his powerful dreams into success.

With his "lucky star" lighting the way, as he liked to believe, this strong-willed man determined his own destiny up to his death, choosing to rest in Montmartre in the old tomb of Hector Berlioz, a widely admired composer who inspired many of the artist’s timeless sculptures.


Founded by Ernest Charles in 1908 under the name Maison Charles, Charles Paris specializes in the reproduction of antique lighting. With the years, the company has built a strong reputation among the bronze casting profession.

His two sons, Jean (First-Class Honours graduate from the Ecole Boulle) and Jacques (Applied Arts graduate) join their father in the family business in the late '50s. Together they design the most distinctive elements that will characterize the "Lampes Charles" style.

The '60s were marked by the huge success of the "Collection Inox" created by Jacques Charles. The collection becomes an aesthetic reference for that period.

In 1971, Chrystiane Charles, Gold Medal winner at the Ecole Supérieure Nationale des Beaux-Arts section Sculpture, takes over the family business and creates the collection that bears its name.

In the '80s, Maison Charles is awarded numerous prizes and joins the Comité Colbert that groups the most prestigious French art trade and design companies, consolidating in this way the company’s reputation for quality.

In 2001, Maison Charles is taken over by Michael Wagner who becomes chairman of the company. The workshops are relocated in Saint-Denis (a northern suburb of Paris), in the premises of the former workshops of the famous silversmithing brand, Christofle.

Since 2006 Philippe Parent has assumed the role of artistic director of the company. He has modernized several iconic pieces of the collection and has commissioned renowned designers to complete the collection with contemporary designs.

At the workshop, ten devoted craftsmen carry on hundred years of exceptional know-how. A tradition of excellence that has become duty. Dictated by the passion of men concerned about dedicating their talent and expertise to design a unique lamp: a home jewel that sculpts light.

Each piece is the work of a true master craftsman. Imagined, designed, poured, engraved, filed, polished, glazed, processed, degreased, varnished by talented craftsmen. A brilliant feat of craftsmanship carried out with the utmost care.
Beyond time and style, quality excellence constitutes Charles' main value.


Cast bronze



Width 45,5cm, depth 15cm, height 51cm
11,5 kg

Made in France


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