Collage 1966 Rug

Eduardo Chillida - 1966
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The artwork of Eduardo Chillida (1924-2002) currently represents one of the greatest accomplishments of the arts in the late 20th century. 

The Chillida collection by Nanimarquina is based on a chronological selection of his work, from Figura Humana 1948 to Collage 1966, that reflects the process prior to his most famous sculpture, the Peine del Viento in San Sebastián. It also includes two pictures of his famous hands from the 90s. 

All this work has been accurately translated into the rugs. All of them are handmade using various techniques and different materials like wool, silk and mohair, to give texture and show the essence of his work at the quality level that it deserves.

The Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida was born in 1924 in San Sebastián in the Basque country. In 1943, he went to Madrid to begin architectural studies, although in 1947 he decided to give up his degree to take up drawing at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madris, where he initially focused on working with gypsum and clay. The following year he went to Paris, where he began to produce sculptures, exhibiting one of his works in the Salón de Mayo.

In 1951, one year after his marriage to Pilar Belzunce, he moved to the town of Hernani where he discovered iron and completed his first work using this medium: Llarik. This sculpture reflected his views on sculptural art, with the space being the focus of attention.
His first individual exhibition took place three years later in Madrid, in the Clan Gallery, and the same year he received his first public commission for the doors of the Basilica of Aranzazu.

Over the following years Eduardo Chillida became a renowned sculptor and graphic artist. Alongside numerous international exhibitions, his works were presented at several exhibitions and Biennales.

In 1958 he received the International Grand Prize for Sculpture at the 29th Venice Biennale, a fore-runner to winning almost all of the prizes in existence during his lifetime, including the 1960 Kandinsky Prize, the 1966 Wilhelm Lehmbruck Prize, Germany’s Kaissering Award in 1985, the Prince of Asturias Award in 1987 and the Imperial Prize of Japan in 1991.

His work can be found in more than 20 museums across the world, and exhibitions have been held in several cities including Berlin, London and New York. Public works were an important part of his artistic career, with more than 40 sculptures standing in different places around the world.

Eduardo Chillida spent the last few years of his artistic career in San Sebastián, where he died in 2002. With his oeuvre Chillida became one of the most important sculptors, who produced their objects in a concrete style. The homogeneous material and the division into figure shapes is characteristic of his sculptural work.



The history of nanimarquina is based on a very clear idea: wanting to design rugs. It’s a simple statement, a transparent declaration of intent that has become a reality by putting into practice values such as observation, innovative endeavour, communication, emotion and knowing how to contemporise traditional craftsmanship.

Since its origins in 1987, nanimarquina has been designing rugs and other textile products, paying particular attention to research on raw materials and production processes. These factors enrich the aesthetic aspect of the products, which are the true stars that give the brand its visibility and commercial success.

Today nanimarquina is one of the leading rug manufacturing firms, exporting 60% of its production. With the second generation now forming part of the management, the company continues to make, live and offer design. It continues to make the principle on which it was founded a reality: to reinvent the rug, giving it new uses, new concepts and playing with elements such as shape, colour and texture.


100% New Zealand wool


Width 177cm, length 240cm
Technique hand tufted
Density 124 000 knots/m²
Total thickness 18mm
Weight 3 kg/m²

Made in India


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