Canned Light

Christoph Matthias - 2003
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Canned Light takes a design classic - The Andy Warhol Campbell's Pop Art Tomato Soup tin can - and turns it into a versatile modern light fixture.

Canned Light is an ideal lamp in kitchens and over small dining tables. Creatively packaged, and with a special nod to the Pop-Art era, this lamp is delivered with everything you need right inside the can.

Christoph Matthias is a German lighting consultant and designer. He has worked on several projects for Ingo Maurer and has also done several installations for commercial projects in Germany. Matthias has recently established Lichtlauf, a lighting company which is based in Munchen. 

"It all started in a garage which was the studio of the designer Günter Rochelt. Here, I learnt to leave out all heavy and unnecessary material while constructing human powered aircrafts. This has remained to be my subject to this day. I was lucky to learn from a lot of competent people. That's how I got to Ingo Maurer. Before I met Ingo, I dealt only with three dimensions as a designer. Now I descovered something completely new, there was a fourth dimension as soon as a space is illuminated. Once you figure this out, it will stick with you. My vision of space is determined by light.
Light is very simple, straight, it never goes around corners. Only when striking surface, quality is created. Light and shadows vary - we need both to sense a space and to feel comfortable. Like under water when the sun is shining through the surface. Like as a child with a torch under the blanket. Like the vision of colour when you close your eyes. Light is a universal language. Our world is composed of light." Christoph Matthias

Ingo Maurer was born on the island of Reichenau in the Lake of Constance, Germany. After an apprenticeship as a typesetter, Maurer studied graphic design in Munich then moved to the U.S. as a freelance graphic designer. In 1963, he moved back to Germany and opened his own studio named Design M where he developed and manufactured lighting concepts and systems. In 1973, Design M became and still is Ingo Maurer Lighting GmbH.

From his first design, simply titled "Bulb", which can now be seen in the permanent collection at MoMA in New York, Ingo Maurer has always been synonymous with originality, creativity and a combination of quirkiness and romanticism. While aesthetics do play a huge role in the creative process, the company has also consistently managed to stay one step ahead of the industry by quickly embracing and integrating new technologies to their creations.

Besides the design of lamps for serial production, Maurer creates and plans lighting installations for public or private spaces. In 2006, he created lighting objects and installations for the interior of the Atomium in Brussels.

Maurer’s designs reflect the past and have a story to tell. Some designs are strictly minimalist and others have anecdotal embellishment. This "poet of light" has been ranked amongst the most important product designers internationally for many years.

Suspension lamp

A tin can, containing lightbulb, reflector, socket, cable and switch, turns into a hanging lamp, height freely adjustable with pulley and ring


Diameter 8,5cm, height max 200cm
1 x max 60W G9 (halogen)
Bulb included
Note: this product requires an electrical connection by a licensed electrician

Made in Germany


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