The Catalonian Renaissance Man – Oscar Tusquets Blanca

Born in Barcelona in 1941, Oscar Tusquets Blanca usually presents himself publicly as an architect by training, a designer by adaptation, a painter by vocation and a writer through the desire to make friends. In other words, the prototype of the all-round artist that the specialization of the modern world has brought to the verge of extinction.
As a founding member of the Bocaccio Design collective in the early 70’s (which later became BD Barcelona) Tusquets was naturally drawn to product design on top of his burgeoning career as an architect and went on to create furniture and decorative objects for important Italian, German and Spanish manufacturers. 


The Dalilips Sofa

The famous mouth shaped sofa was designed by Oscar Tusquets and his master and friend Salvador Dalí in 1972 for the Mae West room at the Dalí Museum in Figueres.


BD Barcelona-Dalilips Sofa-04-HR



The Gaulino Chair (1987)

Oscar about the Gaulino: “I learned and enjoyed it very much and I consider it one of my best works. Although its appearance is totally artisanal, it was my first really industrial project in wood; that was when I realized what machines could do.” 


BD Barcelona-Gaulino Chair