About the team

The thought of launching a business with your best friends, to ply a trade you are passionate about, is often a dream that one hardly dares to foster, and yet that’s precisely what this team embarked upon.

House O’ Luv is the result of a common passion for design, shared by three childhood friends, Sandra Abergel, Gary Weberman and Benjamin Attar.


If you will it, Dude, it is no dream (Walter Sobchak)


It all started with an interior design agency, based in a dream house in Antwerp, Belgium.

An unusual place where the borders between projects for clients and the private residence of the couple formed by Sandra Abergel and Gary Weberman subtly fade.

There, like stage directors, Sandra and Gary create atmospheres and moods, as if they were beginning to form an infinite inspiration gallery, where clients and friends discover their distinctive taste and a particular lifestyle, which they soon feel an urge to share. This is how House O’ Luv was born.

Benjamin Attar, their childhood friend, based in Asia for over 10 years where he managed operations for an apparel manufacturer, shares the same passion for design. He decided to return to Belgium to join them for this ambitious adventure: to create an e-commerce platform that is also an inspirational site, with a sharp editorial direction and transversal themes, which showcases iconic pieces as well as exceptional contemporary creations and works that aren’t found anywhere else on the web.

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